About Us

Burdur Huzur Evi Yaptırma ve Yardımlasma Dernegi (BUHAYAD) is established for strengthen the structure of society  within our possibilities to all our citizens entered the aging process in Turkey and to meet all housing, health and safety code requirements and to provide social relationships, eating, drinking shelter facilities that they need.  The main objectives of Association  the Elderly are to safeguard every individual΄s right to a decent standard of living; to offer financial or other support to vulnerable groups of people; to encourage the strengthening of bonds between the elderly with their family and their local Community; and achieve their social inclusion.

Association supports elderly people who had worked before and aged according to the natural flow of life to live happy and healthy. Association is cooperating with private and public institutions and organizations for life in an environment where the elderly are safe for life, the society values themselves, peace and prosperity .  Association provide rental assistance to low-income seniors.  Most of its members are volunteries. They work to support elderly  people to provide them social activities.

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