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Mar - 07

Dementia Rights Project Kicked off

The first meeting of the Erasmuz + Project called Dementhia Rights, which was developed on a rights-based basis to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life and social inclusion of people living with dementia, was held online on…

Feb - 12

4Th TPM of The Project Ageingtogether Held

Another phase of The Erasmus+ Project, Ageingtogether- Breaking Digital Barriers; Digital Literacy for Elderly was completed. The 4th TPM of the Project was hosted by CPIA CT1 and held with the participation of the representatives of the partner organizations in…

Jan - 28

DemCare Kicked off

The opening conference of Adult Education Project for the Development of New Care Methods for Family Carers of Alzheimer’s Patients- DemCARE under Erasmus + Program of EU which was implemented by the Governor’s Office in Burdur as coordinator was held…

Jan - 15

DemCare to begin

The Development of New Care Approaches for the Families of Alzheimer’s Patients ” Project, which was awarded the grant under the Erasmus + 2019 Program under the leadership of Burdur Governorship, starts with the opening conference to be held on…

Nov - 04

Ageingtogether First LTT is done

Another phase – The first term Short Term Training Activity- of our project in the field of Adult Education named “Aeging Together”, which we are carrying out within the scope of Erasmus +, has been completed October 26 2019. The…

Sep - 07

3rd TPM is done

The third TPM of the Erasmus+ Project, Ageingtogether, granted by Turkish National Agency was held in Vienna August 22-23 2019. The activities and steps had been made till that time were assessed by the partners. Upon being completed by AIS…

May - 15

Second TPM was held

The second transnational (TPM) meeting of our project, whose short name is “AgeingTogether”, was held in Castellon, Spain on 6-7 May 2019 with the participation of all partners. In the meeting, each partner gave information about the project, their problems,…

Mar - 15


The Kickoff conference of the Project, Breaking Digital Barriers; Digital Literacy for Elderly, Ageing Together, was held in the conference hall of the Grand Ozeren Hotel in Burdur February 22 2019. The Governer of Burdur Province, Mr Hasan ŞILDAK participated…