Author: Buhayad

Jul - 03

Second Short Term Trainning will be held

A new event will be held in our project in the field of Adult Education called Aeging Together, which we are carrying out within the scope of Erasmus+. The second Short Term Training Activity, one of the important stages of…

Jun - 22

DemCare Project; Online Meeting was held

An online evaluation meeting was held regarding the Erasmus+ DemCare Project, which is being carried out under the coordination of Burdur Governorship. At the meeting; The progress of the project, the review of the products, the project extension period, the…

Mar - 07

Dementia Rights Project Kicked off

The first meeting of the Erasmuz + Project called Dementhia Rights, which was developed on a rights-based basis to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life and social inclusion of people living with dementia, was held online on…

Feb - 12

4Th TPM of The Project Ageingtogether Held

Another phase of The Erasmus+ Project, Ageingtogether- Breaking Digital Barriers; Digital Literacy for Elderly was completed. The 4th TPM of the Project was hosted by CPIA CT1 and held with the participation of the representatives of the partner organizations in…