BUHAYAD seeks for a peaceful civil society, where all the citizens included and the solidarity is at high level.


Raising awareness of human rights, democracy and active citizenship

Increasing the capacity of civil society organizations and active participation in decision-making mechanisms,

Protecting family structure and women’s rights, supporting family solidarity and preventing domestic violence

Contributing to social development by providing social needs and solving social problems

Providing training and education of social, vocational and technical etc. to young people and adults in the light of lifelong learning principle

Combating any kinds of addiction (drug and substance addiction, computer addiction etc.)

Supporting disadvantaged groups such as children, youth, elderly, women, disabled people, poor etc.

Raising awareness about the problems, needs, expectations and health of elderly people

Social Adaptation of immigrants to the society by solving their problems

Combating against and prohibiting discrimination, protection from violence and hate crimes, stigma and hate speech

Social security and protection

Access to education and training services, inclusive curriculum

Protecting children and young people against the risk of exclusion cycles