About us

Sosyal İçerme ve Eğitim Derneği (BUHAYAD) was, in 2005, established for strengthening the structure of society.

Among the aims of our association  is to raise understanding and awareness on elderly people’s needs, problems, expectations, health and wellness etc.. So in the light of life-learning pirinciple in 2018,  we prepared an Erasmus+ Project, Ageingtogether, for the elderly people over 60 for improving the integration of the elderly by providing them with digital literacy, which was actually recognised as a basic human need. The project is submitted by BUHAYAD, as coordinator, to the Turkish National Agency under the European Union Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships Programme in the field of Adult Education call for proposal 2018. After evaluation process it is granted by TNA. The project started October 1 2018 and the duration is 2 years.

We worked together with Burdur Governorship to develop another Erasmus+ Project, DemCare- “Developing New Care Approaches for the Families of Alzheimer Patients” in 2019. The submission was issued by Burdur Governership as coordinator. This project is also granted by TNA and Buhayad is a partner of this project. The duration of the DemCare is two years. It is planned to be completed by 31 October 2021.

In order to focus on subjects effecting social life, adult education and to contribute to social development by means of activities, organizing events, developing and implementinf projects. Thus  it is decided that the regulations of the association, the name as well,  should be amended. The amendment proposal was accepted by the General Assembly. The new regulation and the name of the association is in effect as of 2020.

Buhayad is a partner of the Erasmus+ Project Demright – Developing a rights-based approach to dementhia – ( 2020-I-PT01-K204-075657), which has been implemented by/under the coordination of INSTITUTO S. JOÃO DE DEUS, was granted by National Agency of Portugal in 2020. The project will end March 31, 2023.