DemCare Project

The project “Developing New Care Approaches for the Families of Alzheimer Patients” was developed under the leadership of Burdur Governorship, where Directorate of Health in Burdur, Social Inclusıon and Trainning Association (BUHAYAD)  are the partner organizations from Turkey.

The DemCare project aims to develop new care approaches for the families of Alzheimer’s patients. Objectives of the project; Developing new care methods and procedures for Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers, thus providing them with a better standard of living and quality of life. The dissemination of new approaches and practices developed in the European Union in our country is another objective of the project.

The organizations in the DemCARE Projects are:

The outputs of the project will be;

  • An innovative training curriculum in line with European standards will be developed. So the trainings will be provided to the relevant health personnel relatives of patients.
  • Training materials will be developed to create a safer living environment for patients and their relatives.
  • E-learning module will be created to improve the knowledge and skills of patients’ relatives.
  • By developing computer games, both patients and their relatives will have fun to stay away from stress.

The duration of the DemCare – an Erasmus+ project, among the 32 projects of 209, which are granted by TNA –  is of two years. It is planned to be completed by 31 October 2021.

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