The Second TPM of the Project DemCARE carried out.

The second TPM of the Erasmus+ Project DEMCARE, of which Buhayad-Sosyal Icerme ve Egitim Dernegi is one of the partners, was held in Lisbon, Portugal October 04, 05 2021. The coordinator of the project is Burdur Valiligi in Turkey, the other partners are Univercity of Oviedo in Spain, Associação Portuguesa de Familiares e Amigos de Doentes de Alzheimer, Spomınčıca – Alzheımer Slovenija and Saglık Mudurlugu in Burdur in Turkey.
Before the meeting started, the host welcomed us. Then the coordinator made an opening speech on the project; Challenges, Pandemics, extension of the project, What had been done till the meeting, the agenda of the meeting are agreed. The coordinator introduced us the project website and got our ideas and offers on it.
Then the coordinator of I01 (Developing Innovative Training Curriculum) made a presentation of the curriculum. We discussed the findings and reviewed the draft of the ccurriculum The curriculum was agreed and approved by all partners.
The following session was about I03 (Computer Games). The coordinator briefly explained what had been done till the meeting, presented the draft games. All the partners reviewed and discussed on the games presented. The discussions were fruitful and offers had been made accordingly.
The discussions on I02 (ICT Based E-Learning Module) were fruitful and contributed to how to design, what to include and who to target and etc.
We reviewed the road map and amendments were made accordingly. New deadlines were determined for the IOs and the dates of the TPMs were planned having the consent of each partner.
The meeting was fruitful. All partners contributed to the meeting with their experience, professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm. The meeting was concluded with best wishes.
The next meeting will be held in Oviedo, Spain.