The TPM of the Erasmus+ Project Demright summary of the Project started with the brief speech by the representative of the coordinator. It is followed by the presentation of the vice president of the Greek Alzheimer Association. She informed us about the Association history and the developments so far. After that the representative of the Greek Alzheimer Association made a presentation on IO1 Charter of rights; she mentioned about Challenges, Method, Questionnaires, Focus group findings, Caregivers Characteristics, community issue, accomodation related issues. After the discussions on IO1 the First day of TPM concluded.
The Second day of the TPM is started with a brief on the First day discussions and conclusions.
It is followed by the presentation of the coordinator of the IO2,human rights based approach guide. He touched the issues; the difference human rights based approach could make. He gave two scenarios as examples on human behaviours and reactions against them. We discussed on scenarios and Human Rights Training. The Questions are; what is the point? What is the structure? We discussed over the IO3 and IO4. After The discussions on IOs, the road map rewieved and updated, the deadlines were determined. The communication and dissemination activities were presented by the project coordinator. It is decided that the evaluation will be made online using Google Forms. The meeting concluded with sharing best wishes.