DemCare Kicked off

The opening conference of Adult Education Project for the Development of New Care Methods for Family Carers of Alzheimer’s Patients- DemCARE under Erasmus + Program of EU which was implemented by the Governor’s Office in Burdur as coordinator was held January 24, 2020.

At the conceference, Project Coordinator Meltem Kılınç from Governors Office in Burdur made a presentation about the project-DemCARE. Representatives from all of the partner institutions, Mr. İlhan Kayış Head of Social Inclusion and Trainning Association, Mr. Reha Sermed Aygören, Director of the Provincial Deparment of Health, Mr. Daniel Fernandez Lanvin, of Oviedo University, Spain, Ms. Štefanija Lukič Zlobec President of  Spomincica Alzheimer Slovenija, Mr. Luís Durães from Assocıacao Portuguesa De Famılıarese Amıgos De Doentes De Alzheımer Apfada Portugal made speeches. They gave brief information of their institiutions, roles and duties in the project and express the importance of the project which touches the effected caregivers to the Alzheimer patients and best wishes for the success of the project.

Burdur Governor Mr. Hasan ŞILDAK made a speech as well. In his speech he said; Burdur ranks 6th in our country according to the elderly population data of Turkey. I believe that the project with the beautiful theme will be successful with the contribution of experienced partners in a two-year period. I think that the projects that have international stakeholders such as DemCARE under the scope of Erasmus +, EU provides much more efficient and substantial contributions to the community. I think the concrete outputs of the project will have reflections in our city as well. In the 21st century, the life expectancy is increasing and we respectively see a serious increase in the number of people who are ageing, surviving, but encounter the risk of losing mental power. We started the  building of a Nursing Home for the elderly people in our city.  If we give voice to this attempt and take it as an example, it is obvious that the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, the Ministry of Health, and other institutions and related units are committed to the subject. The main point that makes us happy is that both a civil society organization and state institution Burdur Governorship work together on a social problem. It provides this initiative under the leadership of our governorship. Furthermore that needs to be emphasized is that it combines the international experience and application in 3 different countries under the project roof. Projects are of importance. every project means a new point of view, a new openning and a new acquisition. In this regard, I would like to thank all of my friends who worked hard and prepared the project and gathered experienced partners together in the project. I thank all of the partners for their support and the steps forward. May it bring goodness to our city.

The openning conference ended after the delivery of the certificate of attendance to the participants by Governor of Burdur, Mr Hasan ŞILDAK.