Breaking the digital Barriers: The Project Ageing Together

 The project entitled HER Overcoming Digital Barriers: Computer Literacy for Aged People (AGING TOGETHER) l prepared by our Association during the 2018 Call for Proposals in the scope of the European Union Erasmus + Program Adult Education Strategic Partnerships Activity was awarded the grant.

Association Our projects carried out under the coordination of Mehmet Akif Ersoy Public Education Center and Evening Art School Directorate (Turkey), phoenixkm (Belgium ) Job Center for the Innovation and Development of Education and Technology – CIDET (Spain and the Centro Provincial per l’Istruzioni degli Adult Catania 1 (The CPIA Catania 1) (Italy

The aim of our project, which is carried out under the slogan of; Aging Together Birlikte; The aim of this course is to provide the ability to use computer and internet to adults over 60 years of age, to stay away from social life, to stay in touch with friends and families, to make doctor’s appointments, banking transactions, shopping, weather, news sources etc. Thus, the project will ensure the participation of individuals over the age of 60 in social life and will support active aging and social inclusion of the elderly.

In order to achieve these objectives, two trainers’ training will be organized in Belgium and Italy on different dates, and 6 trainers from our association and 4 from Burdur Public Education Center will be trained for one week. Following the completion of the trainings, the trainers will train 70 elderly people with basic computer and internet usage by the Public Education Center.

In our project, a mobile application titled ında Quick Solution Center “with the aim of finding solutions to the problems related to internet and computer use of the elderly as well as products such as“ Education Curriculum Development by EU Standards ile, bilgisayar E-Learning Module yaş, in Handbook ”, İç Educational Materials Content Proj It will be developed. The products to be obtained as a result of the project will be communicated to the relevant institutions in our country and benefited from the results of the project.

The Project Opening Conference will be held at the Grand Özeren Hotel Conference Hall on 22 February 2019 at 14.00 with the participation of the project partners and relevant stakeholders.