Ageingtogether First LTT is done

Another phase – The first term Short Term Training Activity- of our project in the field of Adult Education named “Aeging Together”, which we are carrying out within the scope of Erasmus +, has been completed October 26 2019. The first term Short Term Training Activity, one of the important stages of our project, was hosted by the Australian Association of Social Inclusion (AIS) in Vienna / Austria for a week. A total of 11 persons (5 from Turkey, 2 from Italy, 2 from Spain and 2 from Austria) are attended to the courses. During the trainings, presentations were made on the education of the elderly, new approaches and practices, gerogogy.

In addition during the workshop was held, the participants trained the elderly who were invited to the workshop  about the computer and applications. An important elderly institution, Caritas was visited. Information was shared about the approaches of the participating countries to the elderly education and training. The training contributed to the development of intercultural and social acquaintance and to the sharing of information thanks to the proactive approaches of the participants and the opportunities offered and friendly environment created by the host. Hereby, we express our gratitude to all our project partners and participants, especially our host partner.