3rd TPM is done

The third TPM of the Erasmus+ Project, Ageingtogether, granted by Turkish National Agency was held in Vienna August 22-23 2019. The activities and steps had been made till that time were assessed by the partners.

Upon being completed by AIS leadership one of the outputs of the project IO1 Training Curriculum, Burdur Halk Egitim Merkezi Mudurlugu (Directorate of Public Trainning Center in Burdur) made a presentation on the IO6 Content of the Trainning Materials. Then the opinions and offers were shared by all of the partners. It was decided that the IO6 should be completed till the end of September 2019.

In the meeting, trainning of trainers, dissemination, info grafics, giving information on Internet  security to the elderly, translation of the outputs into partners language, videos of trainning, e-learnning module, road map and etc. additionally were disscussed in detail.

Ultimately itis decided that the outputs, videos and info grapics and etc. produced within the project would be shared by uploading them in Dropbox and when and where the oncoming activities would be held.