Second TPM was held

The second transnational (TPM) meeting of our project, whose short name is “AgeingTogether”, was held in Castellon, Spain on 6-7 May 2019 with the participation of all partners. In the meeting, each partner gave information about the project, their problems, solution suggestions, administrative and financial information as well as the activities they carried out so far. As the first short-term trainers training event will be held in Austria, the agenda of the said training, the selection of participants, the training methodology and other opportunities were discussed, and the feedback from the project partners was evaluated. In addition, the Austrian partner gave all project partners detailed information on the development of the Training Curriculum (IO1), one of the project products. According to the feedback of the project partners, IO1 was given its final form. The project roadmap was also discussed at the meeting, and a consensus was reached on future tasks.